sereneur graphics

Hello there!
I'm known as Cil / sereneur in the design world and I enjoy creating things on digital canvases. Happy viewing!

book designs

I love creating covers, jackets & mockups for books as much as I enjoy reading them! Minimal, Typography and Illustrative designs are my favourites.

social media posts

Social media posts used to display information accessibly, beautifully and efficiently to attract views!


My custom artwork - vector art, digital illustrations, photography, pixel art, and much more!

banners & posters

Designs used to artistically display quotes, film, and other forms of creative content.

miscellaneous designs

Everything else from logos, photo manipulations, to magazine covers and animated paintings!

book covers

My goal? Making sure you can't help but judge these books by their covers. Positive reviews, hopefully!

Some of my work as a paid Wattpad cover artist -

Short of custom book cover ideas? Here are "pre-made" covers easily customizable to be perfect for your book.

My big collection of non-commercial/personal-use only book covers.

Book Jackets

Custom Mockup Scenes

Free Premades

Short of cash? No worries! You can request for a free premade here

banners & posters

Commissioned poster for Denver School of the Arts -

Feel free to use these for your personal use (wallpapers for example)!


D I S C L A I M E R - I own the copyright to the artwork below so please do not copy, sell, steal, pin, reproduce or repost without permission - I will take legal action.

Key Art Commission for Wattpad's Black History Month Campaign.

miscellaneous designs

It's really hard to put my design style in a box or label, and I'm proud of it!

social media designs

I designed social media posts for the following organizations: Zenerations, Afro Puff Chronicles, GROW Women Leaders, Canada Confesses, Orenda Canada, Justice For Society Magazine, Invincible Quill Magazine and much more!

Currently designing for Undergraduate Psychology Association, Black Students Association, National Collective of Women in Business & Equality Club.